San marco Grasello di calce white base

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Grassello di Calce is a traditional Italian decoration product made from lime, marble dust and water that achieves a smooth polished plaster finish with a subtle visual texture. This is a product found throughout Italy in palazzos and luxury homes. It is now used as a modern finish in high end restaurants, shops and luxury homes.
Add a touch of class to your home or project by installing this classic finish.
Features & details
Lime Based Venetian Plaster (Stucco Veneziano) for the Classic Traditional Italian Polished Plaster Decoration
Finishes with a Stainless Steel Trowel to a Smooth Glossy Polished Plaster Finish
Product is Fully Breathable, All Natural – Made with Lime, Water and Marble Dust – Zero VOCs
Convenient Premix Bucket Ready to Use. Add Oxide Pigments as Needed to Achieve Your Color. Convenient Premix Bucket Ready to Use. Product sold per kilogram so volume may not fill the whole can
Trusted Brand of San Marco, a company with a 50 year tradition manufacturing Italian decorative finishes in Venice
Coverage : covers up to 4 -5sqm per kg depending on application skills.
5kg, 25kg


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