San Marco Cadoro Velvet Paint


CADORO VELVET creates precious surfaces with a delicate reflection, which combines perfectly with soft and velvety shadows, typical of this elegant decorative finish.
Versatile and easy to apply, CADORO VELVET offers a wide selection of both light colors, delicate but bright at the same time, and to a range of essential colors that recall the warm, natural tones of the earth.
The variety of nuances and methods of application guarantees solutions with a strong aesthetic impact, indicated in both classic vintage and in modern contexts.
It is ideal as a finish for creating an impressive decorative effect in both in public and private surroundings, when special decorations are required
Metallic Finish Look
Interior Use
Luxurious finish for high end residential and commercial places
Wipeable and stain resitant
Breathable and vapour permeable
Covers approximately 8 – 10Sqm per litre
Available in 4litres


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