CSI wall finishes is one of the leading painting and Interior and Exterior Finishing Company in Nigeria with vast experience in the  trade. 

Our services don’t stop at the boarders of Lagos though, We do work nationwide, with projects stretching from the western, Eastern to Northern Nigeria!. We have  done projects in all types and sizes of residential, commercial, apartments, to full houses! Whether you choose to paint a single accent wall in your living room or all the walls of your house, we can elevate the luxury of any space with our beautiful wall Finishes. 

We work with interior designers, architects, builders, professionals, who are keen about getting a good wall finish job for their project. With us, your clients are in the best of hands, with attention to be paid to every detail in executing the pinnacle of wall finishings. 

To us, providing a friendly and professional service is a top priority, as well as delivering high quality painting and Finishing job that exceeds our client expectations – through high attention to details and efficiency.

At CSI wall finishes we are furthermore committed to making sure that our relationships with clients are based on open and honest communication at all levels.

* Decorative wall finishes: Polished Plaster, Marmorino, Venetian plaster , Stucco paint, Tadelakt, Concrete Cement, Metallic Plasters, marcopolo luxury, cadoro, swahilli etc. 
* Specialist contemporary textured  finishes for walls such as gravitex, tyrolean, marble trowel, travertino  etc.
*Complete interior and exterior finishing (From Carcass to final finishing)
*General painting and decoration, Wallpapering and mural hanging
*Flooring and ceiling Solutions
* Waterproofing and damp proof treatment Specialist 
* Complete fabrication, procurement and installation of Wainscoting, moulds, trims, cornices and skirtings  

*Professional advice:

Colour selection and schemes

Colour matching

Technical support

Product Selection and sales 

Explore our vast array of products and services !!