How much is stucco paint in Nigeria

A stucco paint may also be referred to as venetian plaster or polished  plaster. technically speaking we refer to venetian plaster as stucco paint in Nigeria.

If you are reading this, its possible u might be considering using stucco paint for your walls and u want to know how cost implications before u fully decide to use this finish for your walls

Relatively stucco paint is more expensive than ordinary painting, that’s why you will mostly see it used in high end homes, hotels and luxury apartments , you will hardly encounter it been used in a rented apartment.

Now to the big question : How much does stucco paint cost in Nigeria.
Stucco paint tend to be more expensive than normal latex or acrylic paints, but the end results is always beautiful, satisfying and worth the cost at the long run. They range from N2500 – N3500 per sqm for both materials and application charges,  depending on the price the stucco company or what applicator agrees with you.

Usually the total coverage of walls for stucco paint will also affect the pricing, u get more discount on price when the surface area to be covered is much.

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